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Direct Narrative is a full service creative agency based in the heart of New York City.

Founded over ten years ago as a conduit between brands and their audiences, we’re a one-stop-shop for our clients.

From social campaigns, experiential marketing, documentaries and more:

We’re built to amplify your message and elevate your brand.

From video production to branding, graphics and more - we’ve built ourselves to amplify brands.

Whether a social campaign, experiential marketing, narrative Fiction, a documentary, or a colorful cartoon - DN can facilitate a production guaranteed to elevate your brand.

Meet The Team
Andrew Coury
Founder / Director
Eric Horn
Co-Founder / Strategy Chief
Dan Devine
Creative Director
Vishal Agarwala
Web Developer
Gunnar Nagle
Audio Engineer
Gabe Harden
Director of Photography
J.W. Crump
Producer / Writer
Destin Hernandez
Camera DEPT

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Telling stories requires meticulous attention to detail and nuance. Before we begin, we dig deep to learn about your brand, your values, your goals and what makes you unique.


Modern day marketing takes many forms.

From virtual, physical, social & experiential campaigns, we ensure a seamless process with the most innovative technology and tools available.


This third act is where the synthesis of all our produced elements occurs.

This is where the research and planning of our Discovery process combines with the media we’ve created during the Crafting phase to create a refined set of polished deliverables that you’ll be proud to share with your audience.


We don’t just make content;
we ensure your content has a perpetual impact for your brand.

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